Thursday, 4 June 2015

Do Most Bed Bugs Control Treatment Have Warranty?

Singapore is a country located near the equator and thus it experiences hot weather all year round. Bed bugs thrive in warm environment, and thus the steady increase in bed bug household infestation can be attributed to the warm weather. Bed bug infestation is a huge problem, which causes household owners lots of frustration: they are psychologically frustrating (some people have even likened them to vampires), they leave blood and fecal stains on clothes, beds and almost any surface, and their bites causes irritation on the skin.

Perhaps what makes bed bugs such a huge menace is their resistant to a variety of treatments. Over time, they have proven to be effective at adapting to various control treatments. If you are among the homeowners facing bed bug infestation, the good news is that there are a number of bed bug control treatments on the market, which have proven to be very effective.

Types of bed bug treatments offered
When most people find bed bugs in their homes, they go for the alternative treatment methods such as thorough cleaning of the house and covering of mattresses. While this do-it-yourself methods help to get rid of the bugs, they are not very effective and the bugs return after a short period. The best option in this case is to hire a professional pest control service. The following are some of the treatments offered by pest control services, which can be used to control bed bugs:

1 )Pesticides
Pesticides involve the application of specific chemicals on specific surfaces in your home, for example, chairs, beds, sofas, e.t.c. These pesticides are designed to kill the bed bugs and they are quite effective. They can be in form of sprays or powders. However, due to the fact that they are chemicals, they can have a number of side effects. Precautionary measures must therefore be taken if you chose this option. These measures are explained to you in detail by the pest control company you hire.

2) Heat and cold treatments
One of characteristics of bed bugs that make it possible to control them is the fact that they cannot survive in extreme temperatures: extremely hot or extremely cold. Heat and cold treatments are therefore used to get rid of bed bugs. Most professional pest control services prefer heat treatment as it is more effective.

The heat is directed towards the areas where bed bugs are hiding, killing them almost immediately. One drawback of this treatment is that it might not be 100% effective. Bed bugs are very effective in hiding, and thus the treatment might not reach all the bed bugs. The eggs laid by these bugs are also a bit resistant to heat, and thus might not be affected. To increase the effectiveness of this treatment, other techniques are used. For example, the use of advanced bed bugs detection methods.

3)Gas/steam treatments
Gas and steam treatments are another common bed bug control treatment offered by professional bug control services. The treatment usually involves vacuuming of the common hiding places of bed bugs to suction them out. A hot steam is then sprayed over these areas, with the extreme temperatures of the steam helping to kill them. Just like with the hot/cold treatments, gas and steam treatments might are not 100% effective. Advanced detection methods are thus used to increase their effectiveness.

Choosing the bed bug control treatment
The key to getting rid of bed bugs is choosing the right control treatment from a good pest control services. Choosing an ineffective treatment or a company with poor services will only result in the continued spread of the bed bugs. In Singapore, there are numerous pest control services that specialize in getting rid of bed bugs. Most of these companies offer similar types of treatments, with the only difference being the cost, and other additional features such as guarantee and warranty. When choosing a bed bug control treatment, the following are the factors that you should consider:

1) Cost – the treatment offered by the company should be comprehensive and yet affordable enough. However, you should be wary of companies with extremely low services, as this might mean they are inexperienced or the services provide will be poor.
2) Warranty – if a company is offering warranty or guarantee for their treatments, it means that they are confident it is effective. Such a company is therefore a good fit.

Do bed bug control treatments come with warranty?
While some companies will offer you a warrant for their bug control treatments, it is not every treatment that will come with a warranty. Other companies will offer will only offer short warranties that cover very little. This can be attributed to the following reasons:

1) Bed bugs treatment is complicated as they are resistant to several control treatments. They also adapt easily, and have a tendency to migrate from the location with the treatment and return once it has subsides.

2) Bed bug treatments are also rendered ineffective, sometimes due poor detection. However, some bed bug control companies in Singapore are addressing this issue with the use of advanced detection techniques. These include: the use of K-9 dog units, which have a detection rate going as high as 98% compared to the approximately 30% for humans. Another detection technique is the use of thermal imaging camera, which scans the thermal signatures of the bugs using infrared.

3) Most companies will also refuse to give you warranty if you live in a house that has adjoining wall to other housing units. This is because bed bugs have an extremely high migration rate and it will be very easy to move from one housing unit to the other.

To address the above factors, most companies give incorporate warranties into their treatments, but at a higher price. These warranties also come with additional terms, for example, inspection of the premises and/or re-application of the treatment after an agreed period of time.

Bed bugs infestation is a common and widespread problem than most people think or care to admit. Their resistant to control treatments, ease of migration and adaptability makes them very huge menace. Luckily there are several control treatments available, and with a good bug control company, you can finally be able to get rid of them.