Thursday, 5 November 2015

6 Little Tricks That Bedbugs Hate

Everyone loves the cuddly warm atmosphere of a home - especially bedbugs. The also enjoy the proximity of a nice juicy creature, whether it is a human being or an animal. It's no wonder that these annoying little critters have become a problem in many homes. They sneak into furniture, carpets, electrical appliances and even (surprise, surprise!) the bed. Consequently, they know just how induce stress and ruin a perfectly great night's sleep. Moreover, they are also a potential health risk - so if you want to lead a healthy and happy life, it's essential to get rid of these unwanted pests immediately. 
You can either opt for some ingenious home remedies or call in a pest controller to save the day. However, if you're planning on taking care of it yourself, here are some known hacks that the little demons are known to hate!

1. Lavender Oil:
The beautiful soothing notes of lavender have proven extremely useful in making the little critters scuttle away. While the strong scent of various fragrances appears to be distasteful to them, lavender has been noted to be the most effective. So smear it all over the bed and affected areas and let it work its magic. It shouldn't be long before the wonderful peace of your home is restored. If you don't have this handy, you can always use body lotions and other products which have a strong note of lavender present in it. Smear it on yourself as well to stay safe from bed bug bites through the night. 
Not only will this help you clear out the infestation, but it will also keep your home smelling beautifully for a number of days to come!

2. Tea Tree Oil:
Believe it or not, but this is the ultimate insect repelling hack. Bedbugs hate it, so we just adore it. Get the biggest bottle you can lay your hands on, dilute it a little, and spray it strategically over the affected areas. The mattress, curtains, behind the pictures, and even carpet corners - nothing should be spared. And the best part about this solution is that the little monsters will refrain from biting you as well! So say goodbye to those frustrating little insect bite bumps when you wake up every morning! 

3. Cinnamon:
Not the most effective solution, this one is a remedy for emergencies. If you need a solution straight away but don't have lavender or tea tree oil lying around, this is what you can go for instead. Cinnamon is present in just about all kitchens, so you needn't leave the house to get a hold of some. All you need to do is sprinkle it over your bed and infected areas, and the bedbugs will stay away for the time being. They seem to hate the strong scent of cinnamon, making it a great ingredient for getting rid of the annoying critters. So if you've got a problem on your hands and need a quick fix - just turn to your kitchen for the answer!

4. Dryers:
Everyone loves warmth, but heat is an entirely different ball game. Just like we can't stand boiling hot temperatures - neither can the bedbugs (or most insects, for that matter). Now we aren't suggesting that you should boil the infected products, but it is advisable that anything that can go into the dryer should be thrown in without a second thought. Now set it on high and let it do the trick. Unfortunately not all infestation zones can be thrown in, so a little extra effort will be required to combat the problem. However, if your troubles are limited to the bed sheets or even bags - this is a great solution for you!

5. Vacuum Cleaners:
Since those little suckers enjoy feasting on you, its safe to say that anything that prevents this is adequately hated by them. If a dryer is not enough and you need some extra help, enlist the vacuum cleaner for your cause. Once you've got this, vacuum everything you possibly can. From telephones to photo frames, carpets, bed sheets, and more. It's okay to go a little crazy, because the brown critters tend to be camouflaged easily - and you don't want to miss any out. However, this entire process can take a while, so its best to do it when you have plenty of time to spare. But don't put it off for too long - it is your health that's at stake here !

6. Petroleum Jelly:
Bedbugs can't fly, so they climb about everywhere. Once you discover an infestation, the first thing you want to do is keep yourself safe. So you begin by ensuring that the bed isn't touching the wall. After all, this becomes an easy path to you through the night. Once you pull it away, if you have an elevated bed (and it's frame can handle it), rub some petroleum jelly on its legs. Since the little critters can't fly, their only route to you will be up the legs. With the jelly smeared all over - this makes it the ideal trap! So the next morning, you'll probably find them stuck to the bed posts, ready to be gotten rid of.

If none of these solutions seem to do the trick, it's time to call in the big guns. The arch enemy of bedbugs - its time for the pest controller to take over. DIY methods can be time consuming and a little less effective. However, a pest controller is practiced in this and knows just what to do. With years of experience to back them up, they know how to get rid of the annoying pests relatively quickly without leaving any behind. So if nothing seems to click, don't risk your health and well-being. Instead, a professional is the ideal solution to restore your happy life. 

Bedbugs don't come around because your home is too neat or too messy. They are often passed on from one surface to another. Maybe they climbed onto your bag in the plane, or perhaps they were passed on through someone else's belongings. However, there is no denying that they are bad news. So once you do discover them wandering around your home, don't wait to get rid of them. It's time to attack - NOW!