Monday, 14 December 2015

What Is The Best Bed Bugs Remedy In Singapore?

Bed bugs are some of the most annoying pests and they are very difficult (almost impossible) to eradicate. If left to breed, they can become your worst nightmare as they such on your blood causing itching pain and leaving unevenness on the skin. They also have an awful odor that will chock you. Unfortunately, these creatures are attracted to warmth and will be happy to share your bedroom and blankets coming out at night to such your warm blood. They are found in all places across the world and attack both warm and cold zones. Nonetheless, there are several bed bugs remedy options you can try out to get rid of these unsightly insects. Here is a description of some popular remedies for bed bugs.

• Lavender Oil –
lavender is known for its soothing properties that quickly vanishes the bumpy critters developing after a bed bug bite. Its strong smell that most humans love is ironically detested by many crawling creatures including bed bugs. Simply apply some lavender oil on your body and the area around your bed including the bedding. It will only take a short time before the bugs begin to chock and crawl far away from your bed area.

• Tea Tree Oil –
this is another incredible bed bugs remedy that many people just did not know yet. Bed bugs hate tea tree oil and will run away from any place they smell it. Simply find a big bottle and fill it with tea tree oil. Remember to dilute it a little bit and then spray on all affected areas including behind sheets. You will soon be sleeping without worrying about bed bugs.

• Alcohol –
combining alcohol and steam cleaning is an effective way to kill bugs instantly. Steam’s heat will kill most of the bugs before alcohol is applied to further absorb moisture suffocate their breathing.

• Cinnamon –
although this is not the most effective solution recommended for those infested with bed bugs, it can still help during emergencies. Pests are significantly affected by the strong smell of cinnamon and will refrain from biting anything that has some cinnamon on it. Sprinkle some around the bed if you do not have lavender and tea tree oil close.

• Petroleum jelly –
besides enriching and moisturizing your skin, petroleum jelly is designed to repel a number of pests including bed bugs. What’s more, petroleum jelly is a sticky substance that is an ideal trap for insects like bed bugs that cannot fly. Once you pull your bed off the wall, apply some jelly on the bed legs and sleep knowing you will find bugs stuck on the jelly unable to move.

• Use the dryer –
bed bugs are indeed attracted to warmth, and so is every living creature including plants. However, heat is a whole different story and it kills very quickly. This is why your dryer can become your best bug killer when other preventive methods are not available. Throw anything that can go into the dryer and crank the heat up to rejoice as the bugs dye in awe. Nonetheless, dryers are only effective on laundry and killing bugs in clothing. Since you cannot throw the entire space in the dryer, you need a more effective approach for the cracks.

• Vacuum cleaning –
this is another effective bed bugs remedy you can use when the infestation is too much. The idea behind vacuuming is very simple. You are targeting cracks and seams where the bugs are hiding and laying eggs. Vacuuming simply sucks in every light thing (like bugs and their eggs) it comes across. You can then empty the dirt in a fire or some solution that will definitely kill them like hot water.

Advanced options

There are various other remedies to bed bug infestation when you need help urgently. Usually, pest control professionals are your ultimate bid when looking to get rid of devastating cases of infestation. However, all you need to do is determine what bugs hate and then apply it around your bed and spaces. This will repel them. Other remedies you should consider include;

• Pesticides –
although this should be one of the last resorts when invaded by bugs, it may be the only left solution since bed bugs are tough pests to finish. It is advisable to use the IMP plan/approach to using pesticides. This factors the pest’s lifecycle, its interaction with the environment and people. Some pesticides will kill the bugs and interfere with the environment and bio-system. For instance, they may be eaten by birds and ants or chicken eventually getting into your body. To prevent the hazards of pesticides on environment and property, make sure you use them within the multi-part IPM timeframe. This will ensure you target eggs rather than adult population.

The pesticides should be registered and approved by EPA for bed bugs. It is also advisable to consult a pest professional before using any product. Some pesticides kill adult populations instantly while others dry out the wax that keeps them hydrated.

• Extermination –
this is an expensive way of dealing with bed bug infestation but it will be worth the money otherwise you may need to buy a new mattress altogether. It involves fumigation and complete exposure of the bed bugs to harsh conditions that suffocates and ends up killing them. An exterminator focuses on all crevices, corners and parts of the house removing bugs one by one if possible. Make sure you clean the house thoroughly before the exterminator arrives as they will work easily when they find things nicely arranged.

It is often recommended to use non-chemical means when dealing with bed bugs. This reduces the impact on the environment and also prevents pollution of indoor air quality. If you are going to use a dryer, make sure the temperature is at least 30 degrees Celsius. Steam cleaners should heat the water to around 200 degrees to be effective.


The surest way to eradicate bugs requires a keen analysis of their lifecycles and how they lay eggs. This is why the IMP approach is effective when dealing with pesticides. If you live in an isolated house (unlike apartment residences) consider extermination which cleans the entire house although this will dig deep into your budget. In conclusion, you should be interested in natural solutions that are known to repel bed bugs since chemicals have various negative impacts. You should consider contracting professional services from credible licensed pest control businesses.