Sunday, 12 June 2016

Do's & Don't On Bed Bugs Control

If you suspect bugs in your bed then before using any bed bug control method you should read following do’s and don’ts to help you in controlling them more effectively along with preventing their spreading in nearby areas. 


De-clutter your home: bed bugs get lots of places to hide in the clutters in and around your home. So to avoid these bugs you should keep the things tidy as much as possible and off the floor instead of storing them under your bed. It is easy to search out and destroy bed bugs if the things are neatly arranged.

Be educated to plan for battling with bedbugs: In fact the process of bed bug control wants your stick with it and fight to get rid of the unwanted guests. You should be aware of multiple steps of an integrated pest management approach to defeat the bedbugs successfully. You must know the treatment options and strategies to be used to win the war, whether you are doing it yourself or approaching a professional exterminator to help you.

Use mattress encasement to protect your bed: You can stop the bedbugs from biting you by encasing your mattress along with box springs in a mattress encasement as it will trap them away from you. Moreover, killing the bedbugs becomes easier as they can be spotted easily when they come out of their other hideouts. Besides it you can also use mattress encasement to prevent the infestation of bed bugs in your bed, if you are not facing this problem now. In fact bedbugs easily make their home in your bed as soon as you come in their contact. So it is necessary to spot their infestation as soon as possible to get rid of them more effectively.

Vacuum frequently to remove bedbugs: One of the most effective ways of bed bug control is vacuuming frequently. You should vacuum all the nooks and corners as well as cracks in your floors, furniture and bed along with the areas where you can expect the bed bugs regularly and frequently to remove them from your home.

Call a licensed exterminator for help: If you cannot control bedbugs yourself and can afford the expenses of a licensed exterminator then it is the best option for you. You can call an experienced pest control professional to help you in this respect. In fact pest control professionals have all the equipment and solutions needed for this purpose and the use them on the basis of their experience and knowledge.

Use other methods to prevent bedbug bite: You can prevent the bite of the bed bug in three simple ways. One by protect your bed by encasing your mattress, pillows and box spring in a good quality mattress encasement specially designed for this purpose. Secondly wear long pants or pyjamas and long sleeved shirt as bed bugs bite on exposed skin. Thirdly you can sleep under the covers tucked in tightly.


Don’t sleep in another bed or room to avoid the bites of the bed bugs: You cannot get rid of the bedbugs just by sleeping in any other room of bed as you will be helping them in their infestation in other places. When they are hungry they are attracted to the carbon dioxide exhaled and heat of the body along with other things of the humans to find them.

Don’t go to a relatives or friend’s house: By visiting a relative’s or friend’s house to get rid of bedbugs you will work as carrier for this problem. You may take the bedbugs along with you to your relative's house. Bedbugs are very nasty as they can survive for several months without any food. So you cannot get rid of them even if you stay away to let them starve. You can find them waiting for you even if you return to your bed after more than a year.

Don’t throw away anything including bed: Some people think of throwing away their bed and other things to get rid of the bedbugs but it is not the right solution of this problem. In fact you will be helping in the infestation of the bedbugs in other places by throwing away you bed. They live not only in your mattress and other bedding accessories but also in the cracks and splits of your cot. When you put new mattress on it they will find new home for them like in the previous one. So to get rid of these bedbugs you should use the best methods of bed bug control instead of throwing away your bed.

Don’t control bedbugs yourself: You should not use DIY techniques to control bed bugs unless your budget it very tight or you know how to do it. If you have no budget for it then first of all you should understand the system of integrated pest management especially for controlling bedbugs so that you can make an effective action plan for this purpose.

Don’t stop bites by using bedbug repellents: The use of bedbug repellent to get rid of bedbug bites can be very harmful for you as they contain various dangerous chemicals. You should find other options for this purpose.

Don’t scratch bedbug bites: People usually scratch bedbug bites due to irritation in them. But it can worsen the situation as it can increase the risk of infection. You can get rid of this irritation by finding out tips to treat it effectively.

Don’t try heat treatment yourself: Heat treatment is considered as an effective method to get rid of bedbugs as it can destroy not only the existing bugs but their eggs also. But you should not ever do it yourself as it can be harmful for you also. The heat used for killing bed bugs can also injure you or set your house on fire if not done carefully. U should call an experienced and licensed professional for using such types of bed bug control treatments

Thus you can safely get rid of the bedbugs by following the do’s and don’ts on bed bug control given in this write-up.