Tuesday, 4 October 2016

How To Keep Your Landed Property Free From Pest

Singapore enjoys a tropical rainforest climate with lots of rainfall and fairly uniform temperature throughout the year. This makes it incredibly easy for all sorts of pests to thrive in the area, which is why many homeowners need to be constantly vigilant with their property. Whether indoors or outdoors, Singapore pests have been known to multiply in numbers if not given proper attention as soon as they’re noticed.

Kinds of Pests in Landed Property

* Pests are mainly insects – which means that you are not just dealing with one or two but a whole colony. Landed properties – as opposed to those that are in apartments or condominiums – are more prone to pests due to their proximity to the soil. Here are some of the most common pests you’ll see in Singapore land:

* Ants – ants in a landed property are virtually impossible to get rid of. They burrow into the soil and make their colonies deep down. For the most part, these ants do not really pose a threat as long as their colony is not disturbed. For those with children, however, removing the colony is a good idea since ant sting can be incredibly painful when experienced en masse

* Stinging Insects – stinging insects are fairly common in landed property, especially if there are lots of trees, bushes, and flowers nearby. Stinging insects aren’t limited to bees as they may sometimes include the more dangerous wasps

* Fleas and Ticks – for land owners who happen to have dogs or cats, you will find that fleas and ticks become more prominent. This is mainly because fleas and ticks love the ground and lay their eggs on the surface. If your dog plays on the soil and walks back in the house, you’ll find that flea infestation is not far behind

* Mosquitoes – of all the pests you will encounter, this is perhaps the most annoying. Mosquitoes often make their home in plants and hunt for food when necessary. It’s only the female mosquitoes that suck blood but that doesn’t make the male ones any less annoying

Of course, those are just some of the pests you will find in Singapore. There are also rats, termites, flies, centipedes, spiders, and more. While many of those can be seen in apartments, you can be sure that a landed property will prove to be more tempting.

DIY Pest Extermination

It is perfectly possible for YOU to effect the pest extermination yourself, especially when it comes to the smaller insect issues like a small colony of ants. For the most part, this can be solved through quick and natural methods that won’t cost too much on your part. However, there are instances when DIY methods are no longer enough.

When to Hire Pest Control Professionals

Singapore is home to some of the best pest control professionals in the market today. In case you’re no longer sure about undertaking the DIY pest control measures yourself, then bringing them in to finish the job would be the best course of action. Here are some instances when you should skip the DIY application entirely and go straight to the professionals:

* When stinging insects are involved – it does not matter whether they’re bees or wasps, stinging insects must be approached with care. When disturbed, these pest would have no second thoughts attacking and defending their queen. It takes a professional to know exactly how to approach and remove the colony without causing damage to anyone.

* When infestation is massive – if you are dealing with lots of pest infestation which goes all the way to you house, it’s time to call in the professionals. They will be able to do a clean sweep which a DIY solution would not be able to accomplish

* When you’re not sure where it’s coming from – having a hard time finding out where the colony is located? Or perhaps you can’t figure out exactly why all these pests are in your landed property? Either way – professionals have a solid technique on how to solve this problem

* When the pests are located in a dangerous part of the land – such as on top of trees, inside the grates or in the attic. If you are not sure exactly how to approach the colony, then have the professionals do it for you. They often have all the right tools and materials to perform the job without having to break anything unless it’s absolutely necessary.

What Can a Pest Control Professional Do?

A pest control professional would be able to:

* Assess the situation and figure out exactly what pests are present, what kind of damage they are doing to your property and what’s the best way to handle the problem. You’ll find that most professionals perform a clean sweep of the area to fully understand the scope of the problem

* The assessment involves more than just the land but also every nook and cranny that could be harboring pests. The beauty of hiring professionals is that they have access to information you normally don’t.

* Provide the best and most encompassing solution for the pest infestation. This includes fumigation and the destruction and removal of colonies.

* Quickly and efficiently get rid of pests within a reasonable amount of time. The procedure usually takes less than a day, 24 hours at most. Fumigation may require homeowners to leave their home for the night in order to fully immerse the property in the gas.

* Pest control providers also offer preventive measures to ensure that the same thing won’t happen again. They can give you tips, techniques, and products that will keep your land pest-free

* Most importantly, pest control professionals can do all these without doing damage to your property. They’re trained to handle the pests and only the pests – thereby leaving your land and home still in good shape

Pests are a danger not only to your health but also to the status of your property. If you have plants or fruit bearing trees, you can be sure that ants will get to them before you do. Mosquitoes are carrier of diseases while termites can cause the collapse of homes. Simply put, they’re not something you should ignore or leave to change. It’s crucial to act on them now and protect your property from invasion!