Friday, 28 April 2017

Top 9 Best Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

If you notice blisters, itchy spots or red rashes when you wake up in the morning, it might be a sign of bed bugs infestation. The tiny little pests are very hard to notice, particularly during the initial stages of their infestation. Unlike other pests like the cockroaches that come as result of poor hygiene and dirt in the house, bed bugs can infest the most prestigious places. The pests mostly infest the mattress, box springs and bed frames. Getting rid of them is the most difficult thing since they are not easy to detect and they also multiply very fast. But it is important to destroy them as quick as you can before they can infest other areas of the house. But how can you do this by yourself without hiring an exterminator? Here are 9 best natural remedies to get rid of bed bugs:

1. Find the infested areas
This should be the first thing to do if you want to eliminate these pests completely. You need to find out the areas that have been infested and work on them immediately. The mattress and the bed should be the first place to look for, particular if you woke of with sign of bed bug bites. Make sure that the mattress is thoroughly checked to ensure that you are not leaving any traces behind. It is important to note that even leaving a handful of bed bugs can cause another severe infestation within a very short time.

2. Freeze items
Sometimes the pests might have infested small items that not necessary need to be through away. In such cases, you need to come up with measures such as freezing the items. Take the item and put in a freezer and leave them to freeze for not less than two hours. Note that bed bug can withstand harsh condition for a very long time. For instance, they can live up to years without food as long as they are provided with a cool room. But they cannot withstand freezing temperatures. Temperature below -17 degree Celsius is enough to kill them in two hours.

3. Use Hot Steam
The benefit of using hot steam is that both the bed bugs and their eggs will get destroy. But you must ensure that you have found the infestation for this method to be effective. It is indeed one of the most effective homemade methods of getting rid of the bed bugs. Unlike most of the methods, gets rid of a pest that also hiding in the crevices and cracks together with their eggs. But you must also the right temperatures to make sure that the bugs are gone forever. The steam should not go below 60-degrees Celsius.

4. Use a Vacuum Cleaner
A vacuum cleaner will do a great job in getting rid of bed bugs. Though it might not do a lot for the infested bed frames, the vac will work very well on the mattress. A vacuum cleaner sucks up the bed bugs very easily and within a very short time, you will be done. While sucking bugs on the mattress, used a stiff brush to loosen the remaining eggs from the material. This will ensure that you have dealt with these pests once and for all.

5. Hot wash bedding
This is one of the most effective and user-friendly ways of getting rid of bed bugs. All you need to take all the infested cloth and bedding and hot wash them. The lowest temperature that can kill bed bugs is 60 degree. Make sure that the temperatures are right and that you have allows them to burn for a longer time. This will ensure that you have killed at least all the bugs and their eggs. This is probably one of the easiest ways that you can deal bed bugs.

6. Use a Hot Dryer
Bed bugs are very stubborn and they will not die that easily. They will even after putting the cloth through a hot wash, there might also be some bugs that survived. This is where the use of a hot fryer becomes necessary for complete the job. After a hot wash, make sure that you have dried the clothes in a dryer set to a hot setting. This will make sure that the clothings have been sterilized from bed bugs. By doing, you will make sure chances of bed bugs coming back is zero.

7. Encase Pillows and Mattresses
This is a great natural method of preventing these pests from biting during the night. Encasing is putting a tightly woven cover to prevent bugs from entering in the mattress or pillow. It also stops the bed bugs from escaping. Once you have the mattress and the pillow are encased, the bed bugs will be trapped inside. Make sure that the encasement has been kept for at least one year to ensure that they are all dead. This will stop more infestation and also all enable you to control them naturally.

8. Use Tea Tree Oil
You can make natural insecticides with the available plants. Tea tree oil is a natural pesticides that can be used to get rid of these pests. Tea tree is a herbal plant that is known for its insecticidal properties and all you need is to make a spray out of it. Just put twenty drops of the oil in a spray bottle, add water and shake well. It will killing all bugs hiding in cracks, joints, and crevices. Use it daily until there are no signs of the bed bugs or the pests disappeared completely.

9. Lavender Oil Pesticide Spray
This is an excellent natural pesticide spray that will effectively kill bed bugs. The oil also comes with insect-repellent properties and very toxic for insects thus making it very effective. The oils can be combined with peppermint oil for effective killing of the bugs. Lavender oil also destroys the insect eggs and larvae thus making it very effective.

These are the 9 best natural remedies to get rid of bed bugs. Try them and you never have a problem with the bed bugs again. They have been tried and found to work very well.