Friday, 24 August 2018

Can Carpet Cleaning Reduce Dust Mite?

Carpets do get dirty and cause a host of problems. They provide a perfect environment for the existence and breeding of allergy-causing particles and organisms. Among them is the notorious dust mite. Statistics show that a majority of people around the world are allergic to these microscopic bugs. Their presence in your home can, therefore, be a cause for concern. But what exactly are dust mites?

They're tiny creatures, so small that you cannot see them with the eyes. They're in the same level of size as dust particles or pollen. They get blown around the same way as dust, and settle on the fibers of your carpet. Now, because dust mites are living organisms, they're capable of multiplying. A few millions of the bugs will give rise the billions or trillions of them. What's more, they've plenty of food to survive on since they feed on the floating matter in the air such as dead human skin cells, pollen, and more.

Now, back to our question; does cleaning the carpet get rid of dust mites? The answer is yes, it does. Cleaning removes the bugs and what they feed on, making your carpet less likely to lead to allergies. But that depends on the method of cleaning you use, and the level of expertise involved. While a DIY approach may look appealing when trying to eliminate dust mites, it may not be effective. You will only succeed at controlling the mite population and not total removal.

A good and most effective way to clean your carpet thoroughly would be to hire a professional. They know how do do it the right way. They also have industrial grade equipment that ensures your carpet is free of dust mites at the end of the process. Singapore Carpet Cleaning Pte Ltd is a company that offers exceptional carpet cleaning services. Contacting them will relieve you of the stress of putting up with dust mite infestation in your home.

There are various ways to clean your carpet. Professionals use them, too, but at a sophisticated level. They include:

• Vacuuming

Although not highly effective, dry vacuuming helps to remove dust mites to a certain degree. It's a good way to reduce the severity of infestation by these microscopic creatures. Do it often, especially if your carpet gets trodden too much.

For better results, your vacuum should be fitted with a HEPA filter. This will ensure that microscopic particles get trapped, among them the dust mites. Without the high-level filtration, the mites and other smaller particles will return to the air and finally settle on the carpet again.

• Steam Cleaning

This is one of the most effective ways to clean your carpet. It's a method that will ensure every creature hiding within the carpet dies. It's important to understand that what causes allergic reactions in our bodies is not the dust itself but the fecal matter the mites produce. They excrete a protein that is detected by most people's immune systems as a foreign substance, causing an allergic reaction on the skin or respiratory system.

Now, proteins are denatured by heat. The heat of the steam when steam-cleaning your carpet acts to deform the protein waste of the dust mites, rendering them non-allergens. As a result, the waste is no longer harmful, even if it remains on the carpet. The dust mites themselves are killed by the heat and cannot multiply or produce any more waste. It's the reason this method is one of the most effective at eliminating the notorious creatures from your carpet.

Steam cleaning your carpet is harmless. It doesn't use any chemicals and is safe for you and the environment. It also results in a cleaner carpet compared to other methods. Using it, you only need to carry out the cleaning one or two times a year for your home to remain free of dust mites.

Other than cleaning, the best way to protect your home from dust mites would be to prevent or control their entry. Doing so would make cleaning to be less intensive or regular, and save you the costs in the long run. To ensure a clean carpet do the following.

Tips for a Carpet Free of Dust Mites

• Reduce the humidity in your home.
Dust mites like warm, humid conditions to multiply. If possible, make the humidity to go below 50 percent. Using an aircon helps to ensure this. You can also ensure low humidity levels by restricting the amount of air coming in through the openings of your home, such as windows.

• Prevent the entry of dust mite food by limiting the infiltration of outdoor air.
The air will often be carrying pollen, the food that dust mites thrive on. It may also contain dust that helps make a friendly environment for the breeding of the mites.

• If the dust mite menace escalates, use powders that kill the creatures
. Sprinkle them on the carpet and later vacuum them off. They won't look nice on your lovely carpet, but they will help keep the population of the organisms under control.

• If possible, don't allow furry animals such as dogs and cats to lie on the carpet.
Their fur will cause the mites to increase at a faster rate. Limit them to the areas that are not carpeted.

• Use a doormat to reduce the amount of dirt and dust being deposited on your carpet.
dust translates to more mites since they thrive best in dusty environments.

• Keep the carpet dirt free by regularly vacuuming it.
It will not only remove the food the mites feed on to multiply, but it will also help to remove the bugs themselves and the allergens they produce.

Dust mites can be a major problem in your home if they happen to invade the carpet. By taking measures to curb their increase, you can help keep your home safe from allergens. Better still, employ methods that are effective at removing the creatures entirely, such as steam cleaning.

Have a professional company such as Singapore Carpet Cleaning Pte Ltd clean your carpet. Do it at least once every year or more depending on how dirty it gets over time. Only then can you be sure that the infestation is no more. Professional carpet cleaners understand the best way to rid your carpet of the allergy-causing mites and are better placed to do the cleaning. This is in addition to the regular vacuuming you do in your home.